Barcelona: Round 2

After our time in Madrid, we were feeling at least a little better so we were able to get up and go on our super early flight and not feel dead the rest of the day. After a healthy helping of Starbucks, we walked over to our hostel and got ready to go on the […]

Un week-end à Genève

I just got back from a two day trip to Geneva, Switzerland! I went with one of my friends from the Oregon program in Lyon, and we stayed with one of her high school friends who is currently studying in Geneva because she has a baller internship with the UN. She was also super cool […]

Paris: Days 1 – 5

Even though school in Lyon has come to a close, I am still in Europe for another two weeks with my family in Paris! Although it is kind of a bummer not be be able to be home and seeing everyone in California for another two weeks while everyone else posts Facebook updates at the […]

Hanging Out in Lisbon

I realizing putting out an update about Lisbon, which happened more than two weeks ago while I am now currently in Paris, is kind of weird, BUT I now have the time to do so since school is over (which I am still sad about. First time I have ever been upset about school ending). […]

Nice Tour 2012: No Regrets

As promised, here is my blog post about my how I went to Nice, France last weekend and it is basically the most beautiful place in the world. I went with my friend who is in my roommate’s study abroad program since everyone else decided at the last second to go to Marseille (and have […]