Paris: Days 1 – 5

Even though school in Lyon has come to a close, I am still in Europe for another two weeks with my family in Paris! Although it is kind of a bummer not be be able to be home and seeing everyone in California for another two weeks while everyone else posts Facebook updates at the […]

Toussaint: Berlin

Hallo again! This post is going to be all about the time that I spent in Berlin, but unfortunately for me, I was only there for about two days before I had to come home to Lyon (still not a bad place to HAVE to come back to; I mean, look at this). Berlin is […]

Toussaint: Prague

Okay, I am finally getting around to writing posts for the Toussaint week even though I have been back for two weeks…sorry about that! Classes are really busy after a break because they want to be able to cram in two weeks worth of information into one day of class, so I’ve been listening to […]

Toussaint: Barcelona

Before we begin: three things. First of all, Barcelona is beautiful! Second of all, Barcelona is CRAZY. Third of all, Barcelona has a bunch of political and cultural problems that I didn’t even know existed (which is kind of upsetting since my major is International Studies with an emphasis in EUROPE). Okay, first things first. […]

Lyon: A New Student’s Perspective

I got to the French dorms on Friday afternoon, and I instantly had to struggle through an awkward conversation with the man at the front desk of the dorms who checked me in. He couldn’t even pronounce my last name, so the whole conversation was completely struggle city. Luckily, I am really good at smiling […]

It All Begins Tomorrow…

Ahhhh I leave tomorrow!!! Luckily, I was able to pack mostly everything last night, so today I just spent running around Santa Barbara picking up things that I still needed to get for the trip. And so, after about 8 hours running errands…I AM ALL PACKED AND READY TO GO. And! I am pretty sure […]