Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef

On our forth day in Cairns, we had the opportunity to snorkel and scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef with a company called Reef Encounter. Although the trip was more on the expensive side for my poor post-college budget, everyone told me that this was a must do activity. I hemmed and hawed at […]

School’s Out For Summer/Forever

As most of you know, this trip to Australia was my last attempt at being a student before I am trust into the real world of 40 hour work weeks and responsibilities. Therefore, taking the final and having our final dinner was actually really scary. Luckily, our final was relatively easy since I had been […]

A Trip to the Opera & the Rugby Field

On our first Saturday in Sydney, I had bought one of the optional excursions to see a show at the Sydney Opera House because that was an experience that I wanted to have while in Australia…Obviously. All of the Tourism girls had signed up for this excursion as well, but I had promised to wait […]

Brisbane: Our First City

We spent days 4 and 5 of our trip in Brisbane – not a bunch of time, but all the Australians we met said that it is not really a city that you spend a bunch of time in because it is more of a business center rather than a tourist destination. However, when we […]

Byron Bay

After a very long flight, we landed in Brisbane and immediately got on a bus to Byron Bay, a small beach town about two hours south of Brisbane. Byron Bay feels a lot like Santa Barbara, so flying for 17 hours and then driving another 2 seemed excessive to just go back home…but Byron Bay […]

Time Travel in Australia & Late Posts

I have made it to Australia…about two weeks ago (: I have not had really good internet the past two weeks that I have been here because we have been traveling a great deal as well as living in hostels that do not have free wifi as part of their package. This means that I […]

Australia Update!

After the long and hard process of turning in all of my paperwork for this summer’s study abroad adventure, I am finally free of bureaucratic nonsense and can start actually planning my trip! Since my last post, I learned a few things about Australia and the places I will be going including: Since (almost) everything […]

Interview: Rachel Dorsey of TEAN Abroad

This was originally posted for my blog on The College Tourist. Thank you very much to Rachel Dorsey of TEAN Abroad for allowing me to interview her and learn more about herself & TEAN Abroad in general! Being able to study abroad was, as everyone says, one of the best parts of my college experience. During my […]