Barcelona: Round 2

After our time in Madrid, we were feeling at least a little better so we were able to get up and go on our super early flight and not feel dead the rest of the day. After a healthy helping of Starbucks, we walked over to our hostel and got ready to go on the […]

Madrid 2013: Feeling Pretty Ill Right Now

The French school system gave us a week off for winter break this past week, and so one of my friends and I disembarked on a 7 day journey through Spain and London (for good measure). In order to fit everything in that we wanted to, we had to leave from Lyon at 8am on […]

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Since I have a really boring day of classes ahead and have spent much of yesterday just retyping my notes from these past three weeks (aka trying to do that every few minutes and then giving up and watching Whose Line is it Anyway? instead), I decided that I would make a physical list of […]