Later ‘Strayla

As my time comes to an end in Australia, I felt it only right to do a play by play of my favorite things in each of the cities that I visited. Although my answers are obviously biased to my personal feelings, perhaps they will help guide you on your future quest to the land […]

Byron Bay

After a very long flight, we landed in Brisbane and immediately got on a bus to Byron Bay, a small beach town about two hours south of Brisbane. Byron Bay feels a lot like Santa Barbara, so flying for 17 hours and then driving another 2 seemed excessive to just go back home…but Byron Bay […]

Australia Update!

After the long and hard process of turning in all of my paperwork for this summer’s study abroad adventure, I am finally free of bureaucratic nonsense and can start actually planning my trip! Since my last post, I learned a few things about Australia and the places I will be going including: Since (almost) everything […]