May Day in Patras

2017-04-30 17.12.02

As I mentioned in my last blog post about our voyage to Patras, we had arrived in this seaside town the day before May Day, which is a national holiday in Greece.

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On The Road to Patras

2017-04-30 13.35.50

Next stop: Patras. This beach-side town is in the Peloponnese side of Greece, which is technically a very large island next to the mainland. Since the size of this island is so big, the Greeks still consider it to be part of the mainland. In between the Peloponnese and the rest of Greece are where the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea meet, which makes the water between the two difficult to navigate. Luckily for us, we didn’t need to get on another ferry because in the past few years, a major suspended bridge has been built where the seas meet, allowing us easy passage into the Peloponnese region.

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Meteora Region: Monasteries 10,000 Feet High

After touring the magical Temple of Apollo at Delphi and having dinner in the skiing village of Arachova, we headed out to the Meteora Region. The drive was through the mountains, and we got to see some great scenery while hyping ourselves up to see the crown jewels of Meteroa: the monasteries on the top of 10k foot tall rocks.

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The Battle of Thermopolis

We were scheduled to stay one night in Delphi, so the next morning we packed up and got back in the bus for a five-hour journey to the town of Kalambaka and the Meteroa region. However, before we got too far out of Delphi, we had the opportunity to make an unscheduled stop at somewhere that I had read about many times in various books. We got off the bus where Battle of Thermopolis (aka Battle of Thermopylae) took place. Our tour guide stands by that this is another very important battle (second to the Battle of Marathon).

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