Later ‘Strayla

As my time comes to an end in Australia, I felt it only right to do a play by play of my favorite things in each of the cities that I visited. Although my answers are obviously biased to my personal feelings, perhaps they will help guide you on your future quest to the land […]

Welcome to Cairns: The Beginning of the End

Before I get started, this is my 100th post on this blog! So crazy! Appropriate that I am talking about one of my favorite places I have been in my travels. We arrived in Cairns fresh off the Gold Coast, and we welcomed into a large hostel called Gilligan’s, which he had been told was […]

The Gold Coast: Versace, Dreamworld & Australian Vegas

Every Australian that I had met up to going to the Gold Coast absolutely hated it, denouncing the location as trashy. However, once we stepped off of the plane and I felt sunlight stream onto my face for the first time in weeks, it took all I had to not get onto my knees and […]

A Beachy Farewell to Sydney

Our last day in Sydney, I got sick…but in order to combat that, I decided to go on a 4 mile walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach along the coast of Sydney. With me, there were three other girls from the Tourism program, and after taking a bus to Bondi Beach, we began our […]

STUDYING Abroad in Australia

Believe it or not, I did in fact come to Australia to study. I am a part of the Tourism and Event Management program with TEAN Abroad, and because of that, have gone to class almost every day and had various field trips that relate to the class. Within this class, we have three hours […]

Sydney’s Olympic Park: ANZ Stadium

On our 6th day in Sydney, and our overall 19th day in Australia, the Tourism group took a field trip to the ANZ Stadium in Sydney’s Olympic Park. As the name suggests, this is where the 2000 Olympics were held (and maybe more notably, where Michael Phelps made his international debut). We met our tour […]

Melbourne: The City of Field Trips

On day 12 of our Australian adventure, we had two field trips instead of class which brought us to the Rod Laver Arena and the Melbourne Convention Centre. As always, our professor came along with us to see all of the different places, but this time we were also introduced to a TEAN representative named […]

Welcome to Melbourne

The Tourism group spent four nights in Melbourne, and since this was the first city that we had time to spend in without moving on within one day, we did a great deal of things. Since there is so much content for things that we did and learned in Melbourne, I broke up the Melbourne […]