Interview: Kirsten Gardner of Wildland Tours

Hi everyone! For today’s post, I had the opportunity to speak with Kirsten Gardner of Wildland Adventures, who planned our trip to Peru. It was awesome to speak with her and get more information about her travels and also what she does on a daily basis at her job. I am beyond jealous of her […]

The Amazon: No Internet and a Whole Lot of Bugs

This blog post is about my trip to the Peruvian Amazon. Check out the other stuff I did while in Peru: Urubamba Valley & Pisaq & Ollantaymbo, a day with a shaman, the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu & Wayna Picchu and Cusco. Flying into Puerto Maldonado was, first of all, an experience in and of itself. The engine during take off kept […]

Tourism versus Authenticity in the Amazon

** Taking a break from our original programming of my recapping my trip to Peru. Tomorrow I will be posting a blog about what I did in the Amazon, but this blog that I wrote originally appeared on The College Tourist and is about authenticity for tourists. Hope you enjoy it! ** – For spring break, my […]

Cusco: Churches, Tourism Police & Food

This blog post is about my fifth day in Peru. Check out the other stuff I did while I was there: Urubamba Valley & Pisaq & Ollantaymbo, a day with a shaman, the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu & Wayna Picchu. Waking up in Cusco was especially nice because we were not rushed to get anywhere extremely early. […]

A Day with Machu Picchu & Wayna Picchu

This blog post is about my forth day in Peru. Check out the other days: Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.   Despite being in such a great hotel, I barely slept. I spent the majority of the night tossing and turning (probably because I have having reoccurring nightmares about hiking to the Sun Gate), […]

The Trek to Machu Picchu, or, How I Lost the Use of My Legs

This blog post is about my third day in Peru; to read about the beginning of the adventure, click to read about Day 1 or click here for Day 2! Sleep came and went very quickly and soon it was 5 am and my dad and I were forced to open our eyes and be blinded by the […]

Pre-Incan Structures, a Shaman & Chicha

This blog post is about my second day in Peru; to read about the beginning of the adventure, click through to read about Day 1! On our second day, José explained that we would be going on a Patacancha Valley hike and picking up a shaman along the way. The shaman would treat us to […]

Arrival to the Urubamba Valley

Dad and I left Los Angeles just a bit after midnight for Cusco, and so our trip to Peru began. On the flight I managed to sleep for 7 of the 8 hours we were in the air, which I was thankful for once we touched down. We were greeted in Lima (we took another […]