Toulouse: La Ville Rose et La Ville du Pizza Volé (stolen pizza)

“Toulouse is the forth biggest city in France,” my friend said with a really fantastic French accent, “but the streets are small and the bricks are pink, so it feels small…like Beauty and the Beast!” And right he was. Although I did an obscene amount of walking this city, the entire city kind of felt […]

3 Trains, 2 Villes, 1 Jour: Aix-en-Provence & Avignon

We left our hostel in Marseille early so that we could get to the station and be ready by 8 am, when our train left for Aix-en-Provence, so we had an early start to our day. Once we arrived in Aix, we checked with the train station, a hotel we passed, and the tourist office, […]

“Go to Marseille,” They Said, “It Will Be Sunny,” They Said…

And so, after seemingly an endless time at school (in reality, about a month and a half), begins Spring Break! My friend and I decided that it would be a good idea to go to the south of France since they have sun and beaches and joy, which Lyon seems to be devoid of at […]

The Californians Go to Pérouges

The UC EAP program pulled through once again and planned a short afternoon trip to Pérouges, a small medieval city which is about 15 minutes away from Lyon. The “city” is a circle which you can walk around in about 10 minutes. They have a church / fortress where the people of the town used […]

Welcome to France, Mon Ami! [Lyon Edition]

Like I talked about in my last post about Paris, my friend from America came to visit me in France on his spring break. We spent the weekend in Paris and then came back to Lyon for week because I needed to go to school (unfortunately). It was really fun having him her because it […]

Welcome to France, Mon Ami! [Paris Edition]

Last weekend I went to Paris in order to meet up with my friend who was coming to France (from America!!!) on his spring break to come visit me, and it was, in a word, awesome. It was his first time in Europe, so no pressure Molly, but you’d better show him all of the […]


I went to Grenoble this past weekend with two of my friends from the UC EAP Language and Culture Program, as a spur of the moment idea just so we would be out of Lyon for a weekend. Since the program is starting to come to a close (eeep!!) we are all starting to get […]

Thanksgiving Update

So, on Thanksgiving this year, I spent it with the entire UC EAP group! Although the portions were small, and their vegetarian options were pretty not that amazing, the night was really fun! It was good to be surrounded by all English speaking people, and a nice reassuring moment that we are all in this […]

A Day in Beaujolais

Yesterday, on 29 September, the UC EAP Lyon program planned a trip for all of the kids in my program to go to Beaujolais and meet a French family who makes bread and makes wine…in their home in Provence. Basically, the coolest thing ever. Beaujolais is about an hour away, so we all got onto […]