Santorini: Fira

2017-05-07 13.24.21

I know you’re all very excited to get to Oia, but stay with me through this short post about our day in Fira. It is mostly photos, so don’t worry – no history in this post!

After sleeping for 11 hours (!!) and not having a wake up call (!!), my mom and I decided to walk around Fira, get our last souvenirs, and see the sites. We had lunch at a place called Mama’s Kitchen, which, our guide told us, is where the locals go. I ordered two dishes of fried eggplant, and in typical Molly style, ate one plate. Oops.

After that, we walked down the side of Fira into where all the exclusive resorts are built, and got truly magnificent views. Since we were staying at the El Greco, which is a short walk outside of town and on a cliff, we were not able to see the beauty that these streets showed us. So without further adieu, here are a bunch of photos of Fira. Enjoy:

2017-05-07 13.22.152017-05-07 13.25.112017-05-07 13.27.402017-05-07 13.28.162017-05-07 13.28.542017-05-07 13.31.052017-05-07 13.32.53


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