The Old Capital: Nafplio

2017-05-02 19.11.05

After a full day in Olympia, we arrived in the former capital of Greece: Nafplio.

Nafplio is also on the Peloponnese part of Greece, and is known for its three fortified castles around the main square: one on the Acropolis (from ancient times), one near the coast (Turkish), and one made by the Venetians on the water. Nafplio is right next to the Aegean Sea and has a natural port, which has allowed this city to always be a naval center and a hub of commerce. Also, the area surrounding Nafplio is the largest producer of orange trees, so the entire area smells like oranges. Because of its primo location next to the ocean, Nafplio is an upper-scale city for Greek tourists…now what does that sound like? Oh! Santa Barbara.

2017-05-03 18.06.36

We used this city more as just a place to sleep since the next day we were out and about looking at ruins, but this city was one of my favorites. We did have some free time on our second day, where my mom and I were able to wander the cobblestone roads and check out the town. We also had dinner here at a place called Kastro Karima where we had a cheese plate full of local cheeses, stuffed wine leaves, fried zucchini balls, and a salad with nuts and dried fruit. And, of course, some local wine. This restaurant had stone walls and was very European.


After our dinner, we walked around a little more as the sun set, and then headed back to our hotel, which was in the middle of an orange grove.

Tomorrow I’ll let you know more about the two quick trips we did from Nafplio. Stay tuned!


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