Skiing Village of Arachova

After our amazing day at the Temple of Apollo, we finished the day in the quaint skiing town of Arachova.

Only about 15 minutes away from Delphi, Arachova feels like a Swiss Alps town, as it is located amphitheatrically on the mountain. This town is very picturesque, and what it lacks in modernity it makes up for in authenticity.

Almost our entire group visited a restaurant called Phterólakka where we had a traditional mountain 4-course dinner. At this point, our tour guide has pretty much memorized my strange dietary restrictions and had the restaurant make me an entirely off menu 4-course meal, so while everyone else ate meat sticks, I ate a delicious meal of roasted red peppers, mushrooms covered in sauce, fava-bean hummus, and much more.


The town was very beautiful, but since we only spent a few hours there (and most of them were in the restaurant), I don’t have many photos. I’ll leave you with the following one and catch up with you tomorrow with a brief (and interesting) history lesson!

2 thoughts on “Skiing Village of Arachova

  1. Very picturesque and I love the description of your dinner. Awaiting the history lesson too. We leave tomorrow afternoon for Portugal and northern Spain.

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