The Gold Coast: Versace, Dreamworld & Australian Vegas

Every Australian that I had met up to going to the Gold Coast absolutely hated it, denouncing the location as trashy. However, once we stepped off of the plane and I felt sunlight stream onto my face for the first time in weeks, it took all I had to not get onto my knees and […]

A Beachy Farewell to Sydney

Our last day in Sydney, I got sick…but in order to combat that, I decided to go on a 4 mile walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach along the coast of Sydney. With me, there were three other girls from the Tourism program, and after taking a bus to Bondi Beach, we began our […]

Happy Birthday, Mate!

My roommate in Sydney, Jen, had her “21st” birthday in Sydney and made a big deal about how she never celebrates birthdays. I laughed at that and kept telling her that it was going to be amazing, but she always sort of just laughed that off. Unbeknownst to her, me and two of our friends […]

Darling Harbour, aka, the Best Harbour

As I said in my last blog, Darling Harbour is my favorite neighborhood in Sydney. I ended up going to DH three times during my two weeks in Sydney, and I wish that I had had more time to return and see even more of the things that it has to offer tourists. Darling Harbour […]

STUDYING Abroad in Australia

Believe it or not, I did in fact come to Australia to study. I am a part of the Tourism and Event Management program with TEAN Abroad, and because of that, have gone to class almost every day and had various field trips that relate to the class. Within this class, we have three hours […]

Sydney’s Olympic Park: ANZ Stadium

On our 6th day in Sydney, and our overall 19th day in Australia, the Tourism group took a field trip to the ANZ Stadium in Sydney’s Olympic Park. As the name suggests, this is where the 2000 Olympics were held (and maybe more notably, where Michael Phelps made his international debut). We met our tour […]

A Trip to the Opera & the Rugby Field

On our first Saturday in Sydney, I had bought one of the optional excursions to see a show at the Sydney Opera House because that was an experience that I wanted to have while in Australia…Obviously. All of the Tourism girls had signed up for this excursion as well, but I had promised to wait […]