Australia Update!

After the long and hard process of turning in all of my paperwork for this summer’s study abroad adventure, I am finally free of bureaucratic nonsense and can start actually planning my trip! Since my last post, I learned a few things about Australia and the places I will be going including:

  • Since (almost) everything is imported into Australia, the prices are very high for almost everything ($3 for a candy bar?!)
  • Foster’s is no longer The Australian Beer; instead it has switched to something called Tooheys. I am intrigued by the name, but I will still have to get at least one Foster’s to be stereotypical
  • 1 in 2 people have some sort of skin cancer in Australia
  • I have to bring a sleeping bag and clothes for 4 distinct climates…but still not overpack because I have to carry everything with me whenever we travel
  • Australian fashion is pretty similar to Southern California fashion so tank tops, shorts and sandals will fly. Definitely not in France anymore…
  • There is another student from UCI who will be in the Tourism program with me!! So I will at least have one friend going into the program, which makes the adjustment experience much easier than when I was in France and didn’t know anyone at all

Just to refresh your memories, I will be going to Byron Bay, Brisbane, Darwin, Kakadu National Park, Adelaide (but only for a layover), Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast and Cairns during five weeks this summer. I am going to be a part of a class called Tourism & Recreation Management: Sustaining the Attraction of Australia with TEAN Abroad, which will be comprised of about (?) 30 students total. However, the entire program will have about 75-100 people attending one of the four programs offered. Besides Tourism, there is also an International Business group, Sustainability group and…something science related. We will all be going to the same locations, but at each location we will break off into our own classes for a few hours.

I have been getting more information from locals and people who have traveled to Australia for what I should do while I am there, and I can say with confidence that Australia is going to be awesome. I am going to almost every part of Australia (besides the West Coast), and at each location there are exciting and adventurous travels for me to embark upon. The only downside I see to this trip is the fact that we are living in hostels or dorms for the entire duration of the program which means the 100 of us basically will have booked out all of the hostels. I hope that we won’t be too close for comfort, but I can see some ~drama~ occurring, especially since this will probably be the first time that many of these other students have stayed in a hostel or studied abroad in general. Hopefully I am roomed with cool peeps who just want to walk around and drink a beer because if not………

As for other things that are happening, I am going to start interviewing for jobs next week (!!) and then also going to be going into Week 7 (of 10) of my last quarter in school. Very exciting but also a tad bit terrifying. Hopefully soon I will be employed for once I get back from Australia and I won’t have to worry too much about that, and hopefully I can get all of my schoolwork done so I can graduate by being on the Dean’s List for my entire senior year!

I’ll update you more on the trip as it gets closer; I am very excited! Again, if you have any suggestions on what to do while in Australia, please let me know in the comments.

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