Au Revoir, France (Or at least, À Bientôt)

And so I have arrived in Santa Barbara for the summer. It is kind of surreal that I had been in Lyon for a little more than 10 months, but looking back on the experiences I have been here, it is much more believable. I have met the most amazing people here in France; not […]

La Demeure du Chaos

La Demeure du Chaos is located just about 15 minutes outside of Lyon in a very residential, very small and very rich area. When my friend was driving me to the La Demeure, I kept thinking that we would need to take a left turn and get out of this small town but before I […]

Actual Finals Week

EDIT: I realize I am posting this while I am already back in America, but I really did write it while I was in the midst of Finals Week (but then added some thoughts post the-worst-week-ever). IT IS FINALS WEEK. Although many of my friends in America will laugh because I only have two finals […]