La Gastronomie Française (with a little help from Instagram)

Being a vegetarian in France is one of the most difficult tasks of my stay here. Whenever I tell someone I am a vegetarian, they either think it is a joke, or that it is their soul job to tell me why I am wrong. However, that has not stopped me from eating some really great food while I have been here. Below is a very small list of photos of what I have eaten and drank over my period here, all in Instagrammed form! Since I am currently dying while studying about L’économie de l’entreprise, I decided to take a little break and show you all what you have been missing while you’ve been stateside.


French café


Water, pizza, creamed spinach, rice & bread


Coffee and bread — typical morning/afternoon/night


My host mom made jam!


The best beans in the world, and pizza and water (they have an aversion to soda here…which has only made my coffee intake go through the roof).


Bread, tomato soup, green beans, (white green beans?), with mustard sauce. and water. Of course.


Another coffee, another morning, another breakfast.












Tomatos, couscous and a nice hunk of bread.

Thanks to my host mom for all of the food pictured above, and good luck to you for attempting to enjoy your breakfast this morning after looking at all of this delicious food I have consumed recently (-:



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