Greetings from Frozen Northern France

After a very stressful morning of getting out of our first apartment, getting a rental car and spending far too many Euros on tolls, we arrived in Normandy! Our first stop was at the Normandy beaches, where I thought it would be cool to run into the water, and very quickly changed my mind as my entire body began to freeze as soon as I stepped out of the car door.


Being on the beaches was really cool; Matthew enjoyed it a lot because he is a crazy war movie fan and his favorite is, of course, Saving Private Ryan. He also knew a lot of the history behind it as well, and not just the crazy battle scenes in all of the movies he has seen, so good job Californian public school system. I don’t think I would have lived more than approx 10 seconds because I could barely handle how cold it was and no one was even shooting at me.

We also went to the Normandy museum where we learned a lot about WW2 and the Normandy beach battle. For example, we learned that America didn’t help much at all and that the British were really the true heroes of the war………………It was weird to read the French version of what happened (or whoever’s version that is) and it was also kind of comical because, c’mon, USA USA USA!


They also left a bunch of the war things lying around the beaches, like some of the old parts of the boats (see the first picture) and also these anti-aircraft guns sporadically surrounding the beach. Of course, Matthew got a picture with each of the gun related items.

After spending a few hours there and watching Matthew fall into a puddle of mud after attempting to slide down one of the muddy hills (since all it does is rain in the North), we packed up and drove towards Mont St. Michel. For those of you who are not aware of what that is, it is a huge abbey located on an island off of the coast of France. It is now only surrounded by silt because of the failure of a bridge that the Frenchies in the olden times built. Also, apparently there is a bunch of quicksand surrounding the island too, which frequently will catch a dumb tourist. Luckily, none of us were that dumb tourist.



Above is a picture of what the island looks like (and we took it while we drove away from the island); unfortunately we were met with grey skies the entire time, so it didn’t look at beautiful as it could have BUT instead we got a sort of eerie feel whenever we looked at it. It also didn’t help that our hotel room/cottage/thing was located right next to their cemetery. Thankfully we were able to escape the clutches of the undead since we were only there for one night.

I really didn’t get too many pictures here since we were around mostly at night, but in lieu of that, here is a stock photo of the abbey in it’s ~full glory~:



Sorry for the short post, but really, there is not much to do in Normandy except get caught in rain or look at war related or church related things. Luckily, I still have another update on Paris in store, and that is much less boring! Until then followerzzzz



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