Hanging Out in Lisbon

I realizing putting out an update about Lisbon, which happened more than two weeks ago while I am now currently in Paris, is kind of weird, BUT I now have the time to do so since school is over (which I am still sad about. First time I have ever been upset about school ending).

Anyway, this will be a pretty short post since I only was in Lisbon for a day and a half and I only took about 30 pictures while I was there because I was alone for some of the time there, and didn’t want to keep asking people to take pictures of me. Luckily, I was able to meet up with my friend from California once I was there and we ~hit the town~ and I was able to tell her and her mom all of the knowledge I gained from the free tour I took earlier in the morning (alone…yep, I was that person).


The skyline there was really cool looking, as evidenced from above, but unfortunately it was also cloudy the entire time I was there. However, despite the white skies, it was pretty warm! Or, comparatively to France which is constantly freezing during the winter.


They also had a bunch of really cool graffiti all around the city, which reminded me a lot of the stuff around Berlin and Prague. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time, or really the money, to find a tour that would walk me all over the city and show me the different types like I did in those two cities, so I mostly just walked around and tried to figure it out for myself. I think this is the only photo that I took of the various graffiti around because, once again, I was alone and felt awkward every time I pulled out my camera (I am weird). Luckily, I picked a pretty cool graffitied building to take a picture of, as evidenced by my very many likes on Instagram (oh yes, I am just so popular).


Lisbon is also home to seven hills, and this is the view from one of them. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge knockoff in the distance (which they claim is not a copy, even though the same company made this bridge and it was built after the golden gate but whatever), and also the style of all of the houses. I am a really big fan of skylines, so obviously I took about 100 pics that look identical to this one.


While I was hanging out with my friend and her mom, we ran across a really cool looking building which was apparently owned by the Free Mason Society. So, while in Lisbon, we both casually joined the Illuminati. Whatever.


And of course I have to post a photo of a church, since Europe is full of them and you see at least 7 in every new city you go to. There is no real story behind this church, except that it is downtown and was hosting a chorus by the time I took this picture. I think the thing that is cool about the many churches I saw while in Lisbon is that they all had extremely beautiful interiors and didn’t look sterile or terrifying like many of the ones in France do. The decor was very pretty and everything was colorful and bright, which is just how I like my churches.


Lastly, just a fun fact. The oldest running bookstore in the world lives in Lisbon, and here is a picture of their plaque that proves it!

I would definitely love to go back to Lisbon, but it is significantly smaller than many of the other cities I have been to, so I don’t think that I will need to go back more for a significant amount of time, if/when I do go back. But, the time I had there was great! I had a bunch of fun with my friend who I met up with, and probably slept the least I have in a matter of 48 hours than I have in my entire time spent in Europe.

Sorry for the delay on this post, but I think that better late than never! (:

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