Wait, It Is Finals Week? ( + Some Updates! )

I am currently writing this all in my iPad as I sit in the Lyon airport waiting for my flight to Lisbon for the weekend! Because I am not smart and completely overestimated the time it would take to get here from my house, I have a nice three hours before my flight leaves so get ready for a nice, meaty post about how December has completely flown by, how we are in the midst of French finals and how I gave a 30 minute presentation today in my French language class (yeah).

Hello December and Hello Finals!
First and formost, I didn’t even realize it WAS December until a few days ago when our professor reminded us that next Friday is our last class in France in 2012. Yikes. The first week of December, we all talked about how it wasn’t a big deal that the program was ending because we still had time to do the things we hadn’t done yet in Lyon, and we still had time to redo all the things we loved…….and then that week passed and then we come to the second week in décembre, which marks the first two finals of our program, and the last official classes of our semester in France. On Thursday we had our Art History final which we all assumed would have been really easy, but then turned into a bunch of random questions that the professor admitted that she had only said in passing. Awesome. Luckily, I think we all did okay especially since we all got a free 2 points since we had a question about describing a place we went in the world that we liked and why we liked it. Obviously, I talked about Prague (probably my favorite place in the world) and the huge clock tower that they have there.

Then today (Friday), half of our language class had to give a fifteen minute (minimum!) presentation on our huge project that we have been working on since the beginning of October. My project is “how has american rap influenced french rap?” which turned out to be a really cool subject, and I learned SO MUCH about rap music, and just music in france, in general, which I never would have known without this project. So ATTN Language and Culture Students of 2013: when this project gets introduced to you, you will think you will not be able to do it. But if I can, aka the worst student in my class with French, can do it, then you can too!

Anyway, more details! We were all pretty nervous about it, but I was freaking out because my host family had the longest dinner ever last night because they had two friends over (one of which who was very mean and made fun of my accent basically the entire time )’: ) so I didn’t have much time to go over my presentation. So I woke up early and went through it in the morning annnnnd it took me 40 minutes, which freaked me out because HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE I only know about 30 words in French. In class, the actual presentation, in total, was about 30-40 minutes because of questions and I played some of the songs that I was talking about in my presentation. There was one moment while I was speaking during the presentation where I had a weird interior monologue while I was also speaking French, where I told myself “wow, you have been speaking only in French for 25 minutes already….remember when you almost cried the first day of class because you had no idea what was going on?” Oh yes, interior monologue, I remember that very well.

We have three more finals next week; one for French Societe on Tuesday, one for French litterature on Wednesday and then our final for our language class on Friday. I am not that worried about them, except for maybe the language exam at the end of the week because my writing under pressure in French has never been that fantastic BUT hopefully I will just absorb an insane amount of French within this week and be able to ace it with ease.

Au revoir, tous le monde ):
Speaking of how everything is winding down class wise, everything is winding down people wise as well. After every class, it is an extremely common question to ask what we will be doing this time next week (aka most of the other student’s last week in France…maybe FOREVER) and generally the answer is “probably crying.” It is weird to think that these nine other students I have spent an obscene amount of time with in and out of class will be gone in a week. Granted, there are three other students staying for the year, and another one goes to Irvine and another to Santa Barbara, so it won’t be the last time I ever see them, but for the rest of the people, it is very likely this will be ~the end~. Definitely a strange thought that I don’t want to think about for as long as possible.

As this next week of school begins, it will be interesting to see what will happen. I know for sure we are going to have a huge fête with all of us on Friday, but unfortunately, at least one f us leaves on Friday night. However, I am not leaving until Saturday afternoon/night, as are most other people, so hopefully we will pull another all nighter and be able to bid the 5am metro drivers a “bon matin”, comme toujours (except not really because if I did that all the time, I would probably be dead).

And now, LISBON
Luckily I have wasted about an hour writing this article (as well as spending a good thirty minutes to find a working outlet in this crazytown airport) so now I only have another forty-five minutes before I can board the plane… Great! Maybe this means I will finish up my French language essay….or maybe I will play sodoku until the flight attendant tells me to turn off my iPad.

Keep an eye out for a huge, picture filled post about Lisbon within the coming weeks, and I’m sure a bunch of pictures from this last week as we all prepare to go our separate ways ):

Until then!

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