French is Hard But…

Strangely, it is getting easier. I am really happy that I am extending because if I were to go home in three weeks, like most of the other people in my class (don’t leave me guys!!), then I would go home and would probably never use French ever again. At least I can prolong that experience for another few months and then never use it again. Yay!

I just picked up The Stranger (aka L’Étranger) in its original French and am (very, very slowly) getting through it. It is cool to be able to read it in its ~true form~ but trying to translate it in my head without any aid of a dictionary, is really hard. I keep telling myself it is because it is at an adult reading level and my French reading level is probably somewhere around 7th grade but it is still kind of frustrating. OH WELL. One day I will be able to sit alone at a café, drinking an expresso and read L’Étranger without any problems at all. Unfortunately, that day is not today. In the meantime I will continue to sit in confusion on the metro and contemplate asking the person sitting next to me to translate one (or 10) words for me.

In other news, the Fête des Lumìeres begins tonight, which is a huge festival which is specific to Lyon! It is going to be AWESOME. Get ready for a bunch of pictures of random light shows in the near future. Until then!


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