Greetings from Frozen Northern France

After a very stressful morning of getting out of our first apartment, getting a rental car and spending far too many Euros on tolls, we arrived in Normandy! Our first stop was at the Normandy beaches, where I thought it would be cool to run into the water, and very quickly changed my mind as […]

Paris: Days 1 – 5

Even though school in Lyon has come to a close, I am still in Europe for another two weeks with my family in Paris! Although it is kind of a bummer not be be able to be home and seeing everyone in California for another two weeks while everyone else posts Facebook updates at the […]

Hanging Out in Lisbon

I realizing putting out an update about Lisbon, which happened more than two weeks ago while I am now currently in Paris, is kind of weird, BUT I now have the time to do so since school is over (which I am still sad about. First time I have ever been upset about school ending). […]

First Semester: Finished

And so, our first semester abroad has come to a close. The Language and Culture group took our last final this morning, as well as turned in our last paper so now we are all officially finished with our first semester being French students (or at least trying to be French students). It is actually […]

Wait, It Is Finals Week? ( + Some Updates! )

I am currently writing this all in my iPad as I sit in the Lyon airport waiting for my flight to Lisbon for the weekend! Because I am not smart and completely overestimated the time it would take to get here from my house, I have a nice three hours before my flight leaves so […]

French is Hard But…

Strangely, it is getting easier. I am really happy that I am extending because if I were to go home in three weeks, like most of the other people in my class (don’t leave me guys!!), then I would go home and would probably never use French ever again. At least I can prolong that […]