Well Guys, I Have Some News…

When I first came to France, I wasn’t really that excited about it. I mean, I was excited but I knew that I would just come back home after a few months, and who really cares about the French language, ammirite?

It probably happened somewhere around the middle of October when the other students were getting ready to stay for the second semester when I started thinking about going back to Irvine, going back to working internships (for FREE) and taking classes on things that I don’t really care about with people I don’t really know. Yes, of course I miss my friends, yes, of course I miss my family (ESPECIALLY U MATTHEW), but France is amazing. The thought of going home in two months got less and less appealing and made me kind of want to cry constantly while holding a bottle of wine while wearing a scarf and beret.

So, for January 21st – some undetermined date in May, I will be in Lyon, France, studying things in French at a real French university with real, live French people! In French! FRENCH!

Now that I have done all the paperwork, and everything is ready to go, I finally feel comfortable telling all of you in the states that I will be here forever for longer than expected! I will be back in America for a few weeks in January until Jan 19th, so I will be able to see all of you, my US friends and family! But then I will be back off to France. Be sure to buy your plane tickets to Europe now to come visit me during the summer (:

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