Nuit des Films et un Concert de Rap!

Last Friday night, me and three of my friends went to a night of movies which started at 9 pm and then ended at 7 am. This outing was organized by the city of Lyon as part of their Lumìere 2012 film festival, and was one of the big events of the week of movies in the city. My host mom really wanted me to go to more than one of the movies but with all my new classes, I couldn’t really fit it in. However, this one night was super fun! The night was focused around a night of movies about music (with iconic soundtracks, or just movies about music).

The night started out with American Graffiti, followed by Hard Day’s Night, followed by Spinal Tap and finally, Walk the Line. I had already seen three of the movies, but the event was only 10 euros for students and was SUPER fun, so I am really glad I went. It was also really funny to see all of these movies in English with the French subtitles, especially since most of the time, the subtitles were not that great and didn’t really translate. But the best part was in Spinal Tap when they made jokes about America (“Luckily, Boston isn’t that big of a college town” or “we’re in Indianapolis. Yeah that’s somewhere in Kentucky”) and no one except us laughed. Oh, and one other weird thing. Sometimes the French people would break out in huge rounds of applause at very strange things in the movies…for example, when Johnny Cash in Walk the Line kissed June Carter for the first time while he was still married, the entire theatre full of 500 people at 5 am started whooping and clapping and freaking out about it. Sometimes I don’t understand the French. Actually, I take that back, I never understand the French.


The picture above this is of this is three of us after the night was over and we were waiting around at the metro. As you can see we were really happy and excited to still be awake… Moving on!

That next Sunday, my friends and I went to a concert of a new group with two of the people from De La Soul, and then two French rappers who opened up for them. At first we were not too excited to see the openers because usually openers aren’t that great, BUT these two guys were fantastic! They also had the coolest DJ of all time who played the most stereotypical sounds before/during/after ever song (the sound of glass breaking, a siren or this guy saying “NEXT LEVEL”), so that added to the greatness of both of their shows. They all spoke French so none of us had any idea what they were saying, but their energy was great and when they did throw in some English, it was beautiful. For example, for about two minutes, these two guys kept saying back and forth “Can I kick it?” And “No, you can’t!” Like that is something that Americans say every day. Oh Frenchies… Another great thing is that they kept asking the crowd, “Chaud ou pas?!” Basically asking us, “hot or not”.


It was really cool to see a French concert and see how different it is in America (no one would ever smoke cigarettes on stage in a bar in America) and the similarities (the energy and how they both had a hype man behind them at all times, and the DJs sound effects that were all in English).

When the two guys from De La Soul came out, it was very obvious that they had a routine because they have been doing it so long, but the whole thing was really reminiscent of funk music and they had a full band (including a guy with bongos!) AND they spoke only English, which was nice after hearing only French for about two hours. There are a few pictures that go along with this concert, but it was hard to take pictures so we didn’t get very many good ones, BUT it was really fun, regardless of the bad pictures.

Also, I got some bad news about my computer. They can’t even turn it on without me giving them the disk I used to upload all of my stuff when I first got it which is, of course, in America. So hopefully my parents will be able to get that to me soon, so that I will have it when I get back from Toussaint break. But then I still have to deal with them fixing it, etc, etc and I have two papers due that next week. Womp womp womppp…

Woohoo, sorry to end that on a sad note BUT my next post will be about Toussaint break and about how my computer is all fixed so stay tuned for more European goodness!

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