Classes Nouveaux + Un Projet + Is It Toussaint Yet???

This past week we started our last group of classes, which is both sad because it means we are almost halfway done with our time for this semester BUT it also means that we are going to start taking real French classes! Even though we are still having all of the same 10 of us in each class (except for the literature class, because that one is optional), we have new professors and new subjects to learn about with these new classes. It is pretty exciting especially since we have classes that are not for 4 hours a day again! Yay!

Our new class schedule is as follows:
Monday – French language
Tuesday – Societe de France
Wednesday – Societe de France AND literature de France
Thursday – l’Historie d’Art
Friday – French language

It is pretty great because now we only have a few hours of class each day, but instead of the same class over and over again, we have a nice variety. Unfortunately, this means that we have a lot more work to do now. It was pretty great those first three weeks where we could do whatever we wanted after class, but now we all have to think about writing papers (all in French, yeep!) and reading really complicated texts and then taking about them in class. Not to mention the presentations we have to give…just writing about it makes me tired. Oh well, c’est la vie des français, je pense.

Oh one last thing about the new classes (this is something you will enjoy dad). Our art teacher took us around this one museum next to roman ruins that are here in Lyon, and she mentioned that the French love to “preserve culture.” I thought that was pretty great since they destroyed more than one country’s culture with their colonialism. Also, the French really hate when you bring that up. ANYWAY…

I mentioned earlier in this post that we have to do presentations in class, and this is because we have all been assigned a huge research project while we are here in France (good to know that the UC system’s undying love for research still reaches to their overseas programs. But I digress…). We can choose any subject and then research it, talk to French people about it and then give presentations on our subject and write a huge paper on it that is due in December. We also have meetings with this one French woman who works in the tourist department of Lyon, so she mows a lot about the city, and is there to help us out with finding information for our project around the city. Unfortunately for me, my project does not really deal with visiting any “specialists” or going to monumental areas around Lyon because my project is on….what else? Rap music! I am researching America’s influence on French rap music, and the consequential thoughts the French have on the two styles of music. It has actually been pretty fun so far, and I even got to go to a rap concert “for a school project”.

Despite all the work we have to do this week, we are going on break on Friday!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I have ever been so excited because I am going to three of the coolest cities ~ever~. Lots of people have been giving me suggestions on where to go and what to see so I’m sure the days will be crazy fun filled and I will have a lot of pictures to update you with when I return!

Also, one last note before I head off to class, my computer is broken! I am writing all of this from my iPad (hence the no pictures thing). I really don’t know what to do with my computer because a screen that says “Your computer shut down because of a problem.” And then asks me if I want to reopen everything or not, and neither option lets me go anywhere. It’s really frustrating and I don’t know enough French to feel comfortable explaining the problem and going to the apple store. Ugh, this is why I bought a new computer before I came, so I wouldn’t have any problems ): oh well, hopefully I’ll get the courage to ask someone about it soon. Get excited for my next post about TOUSSAINT BREAK 2012!

2 thoughts on “Classes Nouveaux + Un Projet + Is It Toussaint Yet???

  1. Hi Molly – have Miles go with you to the Apple store and see what they say. At least he can help you explain what happened to your computer. Have a great time on your travels and be SAFE!

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