Dinner with the Fam

Ever since I have gotten here, I have been pretty timid around my host family because I am never really sure what to say or how to say it because of my lack of confidence in speaking French, and usually my roommate can handle my flubbing words and cover for me if I don’t know how to say something or if I say something wrong. However, she was not here for dinner, so it was all on me to carry the conversation and, yknow, actually speak at the table for once.

Surprisingly, I was able to carry the conversation and talk about the person I had to interview for my class in French. Much like the interview I had to do, the conversation was stop-and-start and had a lot of pauses when I tried to figure out the word. The mom also tried to explain the BAC and what that means, but I am still not one hundred percent sure. I know they do it in high school and it basically decides your entire future, so hopefully you know what you want to do when you’re 15 or else you will not do well in France.

Speaking of that interview, I am giving a presentation to the class about him (Alexis) tomorrow. Hopefully it will not be especially awkward, especially since I am actually putting some effort into writing something out and thinking about it beforehand instead of just going into it without even looking at my notes.

Sorry for the short post, I promise the next one will be much longer and will be filled with a bunch of pictures!

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