A Day in Beaujolais

Yesterday, on 29 September, the UC EAP Lyon program planned a trip for all of the kids in my program to go to Beaujolais and meet a French family who makes bread and makes wine…in their home in Provence. Basically, the coolest thing ever. Beaujolais is about an hour away, so we all got onto […]

How to Survive: The Metro

Hi everyone! Sorry for my awkward hiatus and that rushed post that I sent out yesterday night. Things have been absolutely crazy here because I just finished up my first three week class and have been doing a lot of…studying? Not really actually sure what I have been doing, but it has been taking up […]

Nice Tour 2012: No Regrets

As promised, here is my blog post about my how I went to Nice, France last weekend and it is basically the most beautiful place in the world. I went with my friend who is in my roommate’s study abroad program since everyone else decided at the last second to go to Marseille (and have […]

“Je suis désolé”

Wow. So it has definitely been way longer than 10 days since I last wrote a post about my time here in France. Luckily, I am still alive, I have just been really, really busy. Anyway, here is another blog post for y’all in case you are interested in keeping up with my journey! For all of […]

Êtes-vous prêt pour augmenter la cadence?

“Êtes-vous prêt pour augmenter la cadence?” translates to “are you ready to increase the pace?” Basically, the French version of “LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!” and is one of my favorite phrases because of that reason. I think this is an especially fitting title because the Language and Culture program began this week, and we were all […]

Lyon: A New Student’s Perspective

I got to the French dorms on Friday afternoon, and I instantly had to struggle through an awkward conversation with the man at the front desk of the dorms who checked me in. He couldn’t even pronounce my last name, so the whole conversation was completely struggle city. Luckily, I am really good at smiling […]