It All Begins Tomorrow…

Ahhhh I leave tomorrow!!! Luckily, I was able to pack mostly everything last night, so today I just spent running around Santa Barbara picking up things that I still needed to get for the trip. And so, after about 8 hours running errands…I AM ALL PACKED AND READY TO GO. And! I am pretty sure that I was able to squeeze in everything with my suitcase not weighing over 50 pounds…so basically, I am a god. Even my carry on bag is completely filled to the brim with electronics, books, magazines and (of course) three separate snacks for the plane.

Also, since it was my last night in California for the rest of the year (eep! That is kind of scary to write), I decided that my family should experience the deliciousness that is Freebirds one last time. For those of you who are not familiar with Freebirds’ amazing Mexican fare, then you are really missing out. Freebirds is a Mexican restaurant open 24/7 in Isla Vista, right in the heart of the UCSB student living area. It truly is a Santa Barbara delicacy, and I had to experience it one last time before I embarked on a journey that will be completely devoid of any and all Mexican food. I look sad in the picture because, well, I won’t get this experience of a vegetarian burrito and a horchata within the next 4 months.

Now that it is happening in less than 12 hours, I am getting really excited and less anxious. Well…except for the scenario I have running through my head where I miss all three of my flights and then I am stranded in LAX while everyone else is having fun in France. But besides that, I’m all good!

I will have a bunch more to report when I actually get to the city, but until then it will just be a bunch of sitting on different flights, trying to sleep while also being really stoked on getting to France. Until then!


One thought on “It All Begins Tomorrow…

  1. Molly, I hope your travel is on schedule and uneventful and you arrive in Lyon ready for this new adventure. Love, Grandma H.

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