American Goodbyes

And so, my trip becomes more and more real with each passing day. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at my kitchen table trying to decide weither to go to Paris or Lyon with my mom, and now (well, three days from now), I will be on a plane to the Universite de Lyon where I will be meeting up with a bunch of other UC students to embark on the ~adventure of our lives~. Or, at least, that is the hope. In case you were wondering what the Universite looks like, I included a picture below (so regal looking! And it looks more like a stereotypical school than any UC campus I have seen).

By now I have said my goodbyes to all of my friends, and many of them have sent me gifts!! Which is completely unnecessary, but still, a nice touch that will make me miss America that much more. Today I had to say goodbye to my best friend Nina, and then my big brother, Andrew, & my twin, Rachel. Luckily, we were able to hide our sadness by a tour of Santa Barbara which Rachel decided to pass out during. Honestly, the fact that I am leaving didn’t hit me until I said goodbye to everyone. And now, not going to lie, I am kind of freaking out!

But anyway, enough about that, onto the gifts! One of the gifts that they got me was a travel journal of sorts, which has a whole bunch of convenant stuff in it (conversion charts of kilometers to miles, and what my shoe size translates to in France). There is also a space for getting the contact info of everyone back home so I can send them stuff when I finally get to France; a nice touch, especially since I forgot about collecting that information. Luckily, everyone will now be able to get a nice bottle of French wine, or at least a postcard 😉 .

I have also been trying to keep up with French news (mostly because I forgot to do that during the summer), and I learned a lot! Like, did you know that Galliano got stripped of his Legion of Honor? Yes, I am definitely keeping up with all of the pressing news in France…maybe one day I will get to these French politics I hear so much about (of course I am kidding, I read The Economist as well as French gossip magazines).

I am currently sitting in the middle of all of my stuff that I need to start packing while half watching OSS 117 (a French spy movie that is also a comedy? It is legitimately funny though). I think subconsciously, I feel like if I don’t start packing then my time here in America will be prolonged but I know that logically that is not the case. So…I guess I should get started on this. I will probably post another post later tonight with pictures of my clothes / electronics / multiple journals / millions of shoes surrounding me. But until then, bon nuit!

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