Less Than a Week to Go!

Hello friends, family, and random WordPress lurkers,

As you all know, I am Molly, and this is my blog about me going to, living in, and coming home from France. But, in case you want a little bit of backstory on how I got here, this is the entry for you!

Hi! I’m Molly. I’m 20, I like music and writing. I am going to be a junior at UC Irvine and I am double majoring in Business Economics and International Studies. I am from Santa Barbara (the most beautiful place on earth) and I love Mexican food. I am also a vegetarian, so traveling to France and around Europe (where meat is a HUGE STAPLE) should be quite the adventure.

I am going to be traveling to Lyon on August 29th, and returning from Paris on January 3rd. The reason I am going on this trip is because I was accepted to the UC – EAP (University of California’s Education Abroad Program) for Language & Culture at the University of Lyon. This program focuses on learning about (what else) French language and French culture. I am going to be able to get a year’s worth of credit of French language within just this one semester (YAY), and then take two classes on French culture (one on French politics and another about French art & architecture). Basically, after this program, I will be almost completely done with my International Studies major 😀

I am going to be in Lyon for the fall semester, and then after the program ends, I will be meeting up with my parents and little brother in Paris on December 23rd (that is, if the world stays around for that long). Obviously, throughout this semester I will also be traveling all around Europe (hopefully to Germany for Oktoberfest, to the Spanish beaches when it is still warm and Italy for all the fashion) and throughout France, so get ready for a bunch of photos. Personally, I really want to go to Turkey but considering the whole “genocide history” thing, I don’t think very many other students are going to want to go there with me, and I am not too excited to go there alone…We shall see~*~*~*

During my semester abroad, I am going to be living with a host family (the Mures) in a suburb of Lyon called Caluire-et-Cuire (shown to the left). The Mures are a retired couple, and from my extensive GoogleEarth lurking, they have a really nice house and live right next to a Metro stop, which is convinent since that is how I will have to go to school every day. The French program director sent me their e-mail a long time ago so I could get in contact with them, but my e-mail said that their e-mail wasn’t a valid address, so I had to re-email the French program director BUT she is on vacation until THIS SATURDAY. So good luck to me for learning anything else about them until I get there.

I am now less than a week away from boarding a plane to France (eep), and it seems like everything here in Santa Barbara and Irvine is coming to a close. I am finishing work on Friday, saying goodbye to all my friends this upcoming weekend and then packing my entire life into a suitcase on Monday  & Tuesday. Then, next Wednesday at 7:45am, I am peacing out of Los Angeles and onto Lyon! Hopefully I’ll vastly improve my French skills between then and now so I am not completely lost when I land in France.

Okay. Bye for now!

4 thoughts on “Less Than a Week to Go!

  1. Have a great adventure Molly! Will be excited to see France & travels through your pictures & words! It will be FABULOUS!!!!!

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