Travel, travel and MORE travel

After a whopping sixteen hours driving to LAX, flying on three different airplanes and then finally taking a taxi ride from hell to my hotel….I AM IN FRANCE!! Finally! I had to wake up 4AM Pacific Coast Time and then got in a car with my dad to get to LAX, and, in typical LAX […]

It All Begins Tomorrow…

Ahhhh I leave tomorrow!!! Luckily, I was able to pack mostly everything last night, so today I just spent running around Santa Barbara picking up things that I still needed to get for the trip. And so, after about 8 hours running errands…I AM ALL PACKED AND READY TO GO. And! I am pretty sure […]

American Goodbyes

And so, my trip becomes more and more real with each passing day. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at my kitchen table trying to decide weither to go to Paris or Lyon with my mom, and now (well, three days from now), I will be on a plane to the Universite de […]

Less Than a Week to Go!

Hello friends, family, and random WordPress lurkers, As you all know, I am Molly, and this is my blog about me going to, living in, and coming home from France. But, in case you want a little bit of backstory on how I got here, this is the entry for you! Hi! I’m Molly. I’m […]